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One of your most vital parts of your Internet Empire is without any doubt your website.  Since the beginning of internet I have tried several hosting companies.

Of course you want to avoid hosting companies running 1000’s of websites on a laptop from a garage  resulting into 99% downtime and terrible performance. On the other side there are large hosting companies who are market leader, but… When you ask for support, they ask you to create a ticket and hopefully after 2-3 days you get an answer like: “Ah… so you think your website is  down…  Have you checked your internet connection at home?”.

How long has WPX Hosting been in business?

In this post I’d like to review one of my favorite Hosting Companies, WPX Hosting.  WPX Hosting seem to have started as a way to monetize a forum called Trafficplanet. This forum was started in 2011 and in 2013 the domain trafficplanethosting was registered. Somewhere from 2014 they seem to have launched it as hosting company and used their forum Trafficplanet to get free traffic to their hosting division.

Since 2016 the forum seemed to have gone offline and both sites got merged into WPXHosting. It seems the hosting plans have stayed quite the same from the beginning. So officially they have been in the hosting business since 2014 which is not very old, but old enough to prove themselves in the market.

Where is WPX Hosting located?

Officially WPX Hosting is a product of the company K MEDIA TECH LTD. This company is located in Bulgaria.  When I think of Bulgaria I don’t really think of high tech ICT infrastructure.  I did a little research and found out their ip’s seem to be owned by a data center of an American company located in Chicago. Of course you don’t need to have your ICT infrastructure near your office or in your office, so this seems to be a good choice.

It seems their office is located in Bulgaria. Whenever I chat with their support staff I always see Bulgarian names.

How is the support of WPX Hosting?

Now we are talking about the support WPX Hosting. I have contacted their support quite many times.  Sometimes about minor things, sometimes about bigger issues. Until now I never needed to contact support because of severe downtime or other incidents regarding their hosting.

Most of support questions were related to migration issues or when I broke my site somehow.

To be honest I can’t remember I needed to wait for support. I always used their chat for support.  There is no waiting queue or something like that, so it always look like you are the only customer who needs support at that moment. I have requested for support at all possible times, like office hours, nightly hours and weekends. There is always somebody answering your questions directly.

Their technical support seems to be educated enough to help you solve most hosting issues. If they really can’t solve your issue directly they will be sending your request to 2nd line support. Most of the issues are solved, right away.

Is it easy to migrate your website to WPX Hosting?

When I want to migrate websites to another host I usually use migration tools, like All In one migration or other plugins. Unfortunately these tools don’t really seem to work well on WPX Hosting. WPX Hosting is shared hosting so this means you can’t tweak all hosting settings as you like.  So when you try to use migration tools, you will issue things like time outs, because they have some strict settings.

If you want to migrate your WP site to WPX Hosting, you’ll need to export your MySql Database, zip all files and upload it to WPX Hosting. When you ask support to migrate your site, they will be happy to do all necessary tasks to make your website work again. So if you want to migrate your site to WPX Hosting, it’s better to safe your time and ask them to migrate your site.

How is the website performance on WPX Hosting?

Until I discovered WPX Hosting, I always avoided shared hosting because of the lack of freedom to adjust hosting settings or tweaking anything and usually website performance on shared hosting isn’t that good. For me the only reason to use WPX Hosting is their amazing performance. When you host your website on WPX Hosting it’s really fast.

It’s actually quite funny to compare the (default) GeneratePress Theme on their demo server with our WPX Hosting.


GTMetrix GeneratePress
GTMetrix results for GeneratePress Theme on demo hosting


GTMetrix results for WPX Hosting
GTMetrix results for Generatepress Theme on WPX Hosting

WPX Cloud

Since october 2018 WPX offers their own CDN. When you’re used to other CDN services like Cloudflare or Stackpath you might notice that WPX has only a few options to choose from regarding their CDN. You may or enable the CDN or disable it. Further you can empty the cache and that’s it.  Other CDN’s offer many more options to tweak their CDN. I assume the WPX CDN does what it needs to do and that’s caching your site on multiple locations worldwide to make your site as fast as possible. When using CDN’s like Stackpath or Cloud Flare, you might get overwhelmed by all the options they offer you. So when I look at WPX, maybe it’s better to have no options and no possibilities to get your site broken.

Their CDN endpoints or data center locations are spread over the world mostly in the USA (9 endpoints), Europe (6 endpoints) and the rest of the continents have a few endpoints. Probably for most needs it should be enough. It seems they have located their CDN endpoints at good strategic locations. If you really prefer to have your CDN located in Greenland or Eritrea, you’re free to find a better CDN!

Hosting plans of WPX Hosting

There are 3 main hosting packages available.

WPX has a starter plan including 5 sites (10GB storage, 100GB bandwith), 15 sites(20GB storage, 200GB bandwith) and 35 sites (20GB storage, unlimited bandwith).

Click here for their current prices.

I don’t think their prices are overpriced or extremely cheap. I think these are quite normal prices for which you get quite high value.  The only thing I miss here is a bit more flexibility. If you have the 5 sites pack and you want a little extra disk space, you need to go to the 15 sites package, which will double the price.

Also if you’d like to have 1 site hosted you will need to pay for 5 sites.  I can find cheaper hosting on elsewhere, but for my most valuable sites I would really prefer to use WPX Hosting.

How does the Panel of WPX Hosting work?

The hosting panel of WPX hosting is easy to use. It’s not created for nerds who want to tweak all possibilities so it’s all very simple.

You just add your domain name, install WP and finally install the free ssl certificate.

If you registered your domain name elsewhere, which is advisable, then you need to setup nameservers at your domain registrar first.

WPX offers domain registration, but until now I never registered any domains at WPX. I have my own favorite Domain registrars which usually offer a cheaper registration price, so I never considered using their registration service. To be honest I just found out they offer domain registration right now. 🙂

If you prefer to have everything at one place, registering domains at WPX would make everything easier to maintain of course.

There aren’t many other options you can choose from when you want to change the website settings. Sometimes it can be useful to change the php version.

Of course you will find all other items you should expect at a hosting company, like e-mail, databases, ftp, dns and backups.

All services are easy to manage especially if you’re a novice user.

How Secure is WPX?

WPX seem to take security seriously. They DOS attack protection, anti virus and some other mechanisms to keep their hosting environment a safe place.

What I notice mostly is, when I try to setup my mail and I set something incorrectly my Thunderbird client will try to send login request many times in a row. WPX will then block my ip temporarily and this means I can’t even access my website. When I ask support to unblock me, most of their stuff seems to be unaware about the security… So if I keep asking them to unblock me, they usually find a way to do so 🙂










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