SEO Indexing services Review in 2019 – which ones work and which ones don’t?

Indexing has since time immemorial been one of the core aspects of any SEO campaign. There is no point in making thousands of automated links if google has no way of finding them. And we all know an unindexed link may as well be non-existent.

This is where indexing services come in. As the name implies, indexing services claim to get your links indexed in google’s search results. They all have their own unique twist or method but eventually it all boils down to the same thing : they get google-bot to visit your submitted URLS. A page that is never visited by google-bot won’t get indexed. At least in our many years of SEO experience we have never come across such a case.

Thus the only thing we will look at in this test is whether or not the URL submitted receives any bots or spiders from Google.

We are not measuring indexation rate or if a page actually gets indexed or not. Whether a page get’s indexed relies on many different factors. We find the practice of indexation services claiming certain “indexation rates” pretty dubious as they should be well aware that such claims will never be possible.

How we conducted the test :

  • Each test conducted on multiple (never before seen by google and completely isolated) subdomains hosted by us.
  • Each subdomain has a generic wordpress template and markov generated text. Remember we don’t care about indexation, we are just looking to see if google-bot visits us.
  • For each test we will generate 5 subdomains that will function as test-urls for each service.
  • Websites were hosted on Stackpath IP network – we decided a on a very popular, widely used CDN as to not have any issues with us accidentally picking up private ip addresses that are somehow flagged by google.
  • Bots were detected and identified using Bseolized IPGrabber, considered by many, including us, to be one of the best IP databases on the market.


Let’s firstly take a look at which services passed the test and attracted google-bot to our test websites : 

If you want to get for what you pay then go for one of the above services. Each one attracted google-bot to every page submitted. 


The following services DID NOT attract google bot to our test domains : 

Diclaimer : If anyone owning or using the above services disagrees or has fixed the service : Please contact us so we can re-test.



Our favourite service #1 –

+ Has consistently been providing results for years regardless of turmoil in the SEO/indexing world. 

+ One of the only services to shut down payments if their service is temporarily not working or undergoing maintenance.

+ Brings Google-bot within seconds (when paying for VIP indexing)

+ Gives you time estimate for link processing.  

+ No subscriptions, load credits and pay as you go

+ Good support

– Expensive compared to it’s competitors on a price per link basis

I’ve been using bulkaddurl for years now. It’s always my go-to site if I want a 100% no BS indexing service. They have actually shut their service down and stopped taking payments in periods   google was clamping down on indexing and whatever method they were using at the time didn’t work. This deserve enormous amounts of respect in my eyes as it’s fairly common for people to just keep their services up and running, customers being none the wiser. 


Our favourite service #2 –

+ Fast indexing. Google bot often arriving within minutes, otherwise within +- 1 hour. 

+ The cheapest indexing service I have found – these are absolutely rock bottom prices

+ Wide range of packages, the largest being 300.000 links per day for 599$ per month. That’s 9 million links per month or 0.00006666666 per link. 

Speed-links is a fairly new service to me. I don’t know much about them other than that I tested them, found them to be working and they are also extremely cheap. If you have consistent high volume indexing needs then speed-links should be your #1 choice. 


So what indexing service should I use? 

  • If you only need to index a few links every now and again then go with
  • If you are planning on indexing hundreds or thousands of urls per day then speed-links is the obvious choice. 

The other four services : eliteindexing, index inject, and web20indexer all work and should bring you exactly the same results as bulkaddurl or speed-links. I just couldn’t find any defining factor about them to recommend them over the others. 

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